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Because you only have one chance to make the right impression!

Use this handy questionnaire to help focus your thinking!

  1. List top three job title choices in order of preference.
  2. Is this a career change for you?
  3. Long-range career goals?
  4. Purpose of resume?
  5. What are some key words and terms specific to your career goals?
  6. What skills do you want to highlight?
  7. Major accomplishments - sales records, cost savings, promotions, etc.
  8. Current Salary? Desired Salary?
  9. Work history and professional experience.
  10. Formal education
  11. Continuing education, courses, seminars, workshops
  12. Certifications and professional licenses
  13. Military experience
  14. Professional organizations/affiliations
  15. Computer skills
  16. Foreign language proficiency